Union Zone

Sports and actvities zoneWhat is the Union Zone?

Jointly attended by Carrie Young, our Activities Officer, and Kennedy Adamu, our Sports Officer, this Zone considers issues surrounding our student groups and opportunities.  Here you might discuss barriers to student engagement, volunteering opportunities and the structure of our committees.  Our Student Executive Team (elected representatives of our society groups) also attend and thus discussions could be raised around grant funding, committee training, event assistance and society and club support.

What achievements have been made by this Zone?

As this is a new Zone it is your opportunity to make your mark and introduce your change. Could one of the achievements we list next year be yours?

How many roles are available for this Zone?

Due to a change in the zone make-up there will be 11 positions available for this zone.

Can I Vote?

Sorry, there are currently no ongoing elections for this zone. 

Don't worry, there's  plenty of other ways to have your say though.

Why not pop along to a Union Council meeting to have your opinions heard by our democratic body? Got an idea for something you'd like to see, why not submit a Change It or Explain It?