Scrutiny Committee

What is Scrutiny Committee?Scrutiny commitee

Scrunity Committee is the body which ensures the values of the Union are upheld, and that all elections are fair and that the elected officers are completing their objectives.

As a member of the Scrunity Committe your role would include:

  • Overseeing elections
  • Ensuring Union Council is a safe space for participants
  • Facilitating Union Council meetings
  • Holding elected officers to account

Who sits on Scrunity Committee?

Scrunity Committee is made up of 6 members, plus the Council Chair. The Activities Officer also sits on this Committee but has a non-voting role.

Council Chair?

The Council Chair is a member of the Scruinty Committee and is also be responsible for chairing all Scrutiny and Union Council meetings. This includes ensuring that Council is a safe space for people to raise their opinions, and that everyone has an equal voice and is given equal opportunity to speak.

The Council Chair for this year will be Nick Frost.

How many hours is spent on this per week?

Scrutiny members probably spend around 6 hours a week on Scrutiny Committee Work. Most of this occurs in the evening as they are asked to attend Scrunity Committee and Panel meetings twice a month and Union Council meetings. They also need to complete important investigation and specific role work.

Can I Vote?

Sorry, our elections for this zone have just finished.

Don't worry, there's  plenty of other ways to have your say though.

Why not pop along to a Union Council meeting to have your opinions heard by our democratic body? Got an idea for something you'd like to see, why not submit a Change It or Explain It?