Exam feedback is an essential component of your learning development. That's why we've launched the Your Feedback Is What You Need Back campaign: to pressure the University to provide you with the most useful feedback possible. If you have any questions about this campaign, don't hesistate to contact Azza, your Education Officer.

We’ve created an online form for you to tell us all about your feedback- the good and the areas for improvement! We'll use this information to lobby your department to improve their exam feedback provisions.  

The Students' Union has worked in collaboration with the University to produce a Feedback Charter that sets out exactly what you can expect, and what is expected of you, when it comes to academic feedback.

If you have any issues with your academic work, the Students’ Union has a free and confidential Education Unit open Monday-Friday from 10-4pm, where you can drop in and speak to one our friendly advisers. Find out more on their website or by email at educationunit@leicester.ac.uk.