How to Donate to Charity (Societies)

If you are a student group and are planning your next charity fundraising event you will need to read this so you know what you have to do!

There are some steps that you need to take to make sure we are informed of your activity and know that you want to donate money to a charity which is donating money to a good cause.
The first step in the fundraising process is to let us know you are doing it. You will have to fill in a number of different forms:

1. Event Notification Forms - which need to be submitted to

2. Fundraising Form - which needs to be submitted to

3. Any other relevant forms, i.e room bookings, guest speakers, updated risk assessments, food notification forms etc.

Once you've filled this in and your event gets the go ahead, you then have to pay the money into the RAG account ready to be donated. The money needs to be paid from the RAG account as this is where all the charity donations come from.
The RAG account exists so that you can donate money easily and legally. You need to pay in so that RAG can pay out for you.

You need to fill in this Charity Donation form, when you are going to pay your money in. you should pay in the money as you normally would and fill out the entire form – minus the signature for the RAG rep and you are good to go! Hand this in to reception who will check this over and ensure that you havent missed anything.

The RAG team will use the Fundraising Notification form that you would have filled in before the event to email you and let you know that the money has been donated.

It could not be simpler.

If you are still confused or would like to know more about donating to charity, please get in touch