Volunteering with the SU

There are loads of different ways for you to get involved with the students union by volunteering. We have a number of student led projects, peer and representational opportunities. Have a look at what we have on offer below:

Create your own Student Led Project - If you've looked through our current projects and can't find something you like - you can set up your own project that we can help with. If you've got an idea please feel free to get in touch with us.

Pre –existing student led projects - these are often societies or projects run within departments that help build your skills, it ranges from hobby to employability!
Hungry for Change
First Aid Society

Volunteer Team - We are looking for a bunch of enthusiatic, energetic and idea filled students to help us run some of our volunteering. If you are interested please get in touch with us su-community@le.ac.uk

Volunteering as a committee member - If you are on a society committee - you are a volunteer.
All the time you spend on your society and all your hard work and efforts can be rewarded and recognised on the HEAR and if you've gone above and beyond you could be featured in our Volunteer Spotlight page! Start recording your hours and be rewarded for your time. Click here to visit a page dedicated to information about
recognition as a committee member.

Union Council -
It's our version of Parliament. We don't have MPs and we don't make laws. But we do elect students who make decisions and vote on policy that affects us all. If you're studying at the University of Leicester, you have a right to attend Council meetings. Only elected representatives can vote, but anyone can join in, share their views and help write formal proposals.

Part-Time Sabbatical Officer - Passionate about helping your fellow peers? Enthusiastic about delivering change? Have a look at some of the part-time sabbatical positions that there are. Although elections are closed for this year, perhaps it's something you could do!

Course Reps  -
For students to be represented effectively within departments and across the University, we rely on enthusiastic volunteers to stand for election to become Reps within their Course, Department and College.

Peer Mentoring  - It is aimed to enhance the student experience for both Mentor and Mentee, build positive relationships and provide reciprocal support. Recruitment for Mentors has finished for this year, but will start up again in December. To find out how you can help fellow first years have a look at their page!