Outreach Funding for Student Groups

If you are thinking about trying out something new or have always wanted your student group to provide activities for a younger year group -why not get involved by delivering your workshops for local schools, organisations and community centres.

We are always looking for student groups to get involved and deliver change wherever they go. Last year we had 7 different groups get involved delivering engaging workshops on campus to over 6 different schools from Creative Writing Workshops to Languages sessions. We have the schools we need the ideas. If you are interested here are a few ways you can get involved:

Incentive Scheme

You can get rewards for your society from £108.33 to £216.66 for your involvement. We offer you training and development sessions so you can build your sessions. Whether that’s on campus or off site we want you to deliver good quality sessions so we help you get there. You would have had an email about this if you are on a society committee. Have a look at the activities menu below which is what you can pick from. The schools and sessions you will deliver would be to students who traditionally do not progress on to University.

After School Clubs

Based on the number of sessions you deliver you would also be part of the Incentive Scheme. However this is dependent on two things:
1. How many sessions you can deliver and
2. The demand for your club.

If you agree to have your sessions run past 1 school we can get this out to our schools and find you more schools to go into.

We already have 6 groups who are delivering things this year either as after school clubs or On Campus activities.