Student Led Projects

If you have looked through everything we have on offer and it's encouraged you to set up something that doesn't already exisit, this is the right space.

Whether you want to work with old people or young ones - all we need is an idea. There are a number of different things that you can do we are looking for any inventive idea. We will then look at  your application and direct you to the best contacts we have to help your project become a reality.

Below are some outstanding requests that we have from schools or colleges waiting for these activities to take place - if you are interested in taking these projects on simply use the title listed below in the "project idea" line.

Afterschool Clubs in the following Topics:

Film Studies - Analysing films and how they're made
App Designing Club.
Music Clubs - Recorders and Keyboards
Astronomy & Meteorology

Ancient History and Archaeology – Ancient Civilisations (Maya/ Benin) & Classics (Greek Myths and Legends)

You will need to have a completed Risk Assessment of your activities and a detailed plan of how many weeks you would like the project to run as well as any training needs or checks (DBS).

The form you need to fill out is here. *under construction - will be released in 1 week*
If you need any help or appear to have created a project that already exisits we will try to link you up with the most relevant society.

If you already have a volunteering project or a schools project and want to branch out other schools please let us know! We want to be able to cast the light on engaging volunteering opportunities around the Union and University run by our students - so let us help you get noticed!!