Organisation Registration

If you are an external organisation and you want to advertise your opportunity on our platform to our students you can register your organisation with us.

You can apply to become an organisation here. We have a service level agreement which will be sent to you when you apply. Please also make sure that you have a volunteering policy and some public liability insurance as well when applying.  
Essentially this is so that we know our students are safe and getting the best possible experience from you.

What should you do?

Here’s a quick run through what we would like you to do.

It’s super important that you keep your area up to date. Although we will regularly check to ensure our platform is providing consistent up to date information on opportunities, we do rely on you to update your own areas. If you are having trouble with this or need to change something on the static sections of your opportunity please get in touch with

We also use the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record) at the University of Leicester, if you would like more information on that please have a look here. The reason why it is so important for you to approve, decline, reject and accept things within our timeframes is so that our students can get their accreditation.

We send all off our collated hours off by the Middle of May, please ensure all opportunities are approved and all timesheets sent in by this date.

What do we do?

When you put up a new opportunity we can send this out to our students who are interested in volunteering. We may also have spotlight on sections in the newsletter that goes out and can feature you in it if your opportunity has been uploaded in that month.

We will promote your opportunity to our students it is then up to you who you want to select, you will be able to see the profile of the student. If you would like us to check that all students who have applied are infact students, we can do this for you - please let us know by emailng us at

Why you might not be accepted?
There are a whole host of reasons, but please bear in mind we will get in touch with you if you have been unsuccessful. At the moment we are not accepting any travel abroad fundraising opportunities for students and any such organisations should get in touch with our Careers Development Service. If you already have an opportunity listed with the Careers Service Department but also wish to host on the Union website that is fine – please make sure that you don’t over subscribe your opportunity as the two systems do not talk to one another. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with us! You can register your organisation here. The "about project/ organisation" is the section that will stay static across all your opportunities.