Using the Volunteer Platform (FAQs)

How do I Sign Up to the Volunteering Platform?

There is a tab under volunteer called “become a volunteer”. This section is where you can sign up as a volunteer. It Is a simple 5 minute application process which allows the facilitator to see what you are interested in.
You do need to be a member of the union website to be a volunteer, if you have already signed up to the union website simply log in. If you haven’t – you can do this by clicking on the top right hand corner of the union website.

Is there a guide that can take me through the process?

This detailed guide will take you through the process step by step and should answer any questions you have. If you have any problems working through this please email:

Student Officers Volunteering Guide 16.17

I’m on a committee but I’m not sure how to record my HEAR hours.

You will need to be a registered volunteer to sign up and have all your paperwork handed in to us in the Student Hub for us to confirm you are on a committee. Once you have done that you can record all the hours you have completed volunteering on your society. You should aim to include a breakdown of your hours in the notes section.
 You need to record all your committee hours with us – including any online training you have completed so that we can submit those hours to careers. You have to complete your timesheets for us to submit the volunteers to careers. Without you completing the hours we cannot submit it into careers and your time as a committee member will not appear on your transcript.

What hours can I log?
Ensure that you are logging the following:

Any training sessions (online or in person)
Any committee meetings  that you take part in
Any task that is related to your committee work.

Please try and group your timesheets together and provide a breakdown of what the hours were used for. For example: if you log 6 hours on sponsorship deals. We would expect to see this in the notes section:

2 hours researching local businesses and figuring out good packages,
4 hours meeting proposed sponsors and securing deals.

If you are submitting large amounts of hours (anything over a 10 hours for a week or a day) you MUST include a breakdown of your time spent. It will otherwise be rejected.

I’m on three different committees. How do I log those hours?
Log them in the same way you would log them for one committee. Group all your hours together and in the notes section indicate where the hours for the each society were spent. So it would look something like this.

If you submitted 10 hours for 2 different societies:
5 hours for JellyBean Soc
2 hours – contacting local jelly bean suppliers for sponsorships
1 hour – crating artwork for next jelly bean social
2 hours – planning and creating a “if I were a jelly bean” flavour board for the social

5 hours for I heart charities soc
3 hours – updating the website with next terms events and writing and uploading articles from this term
2 hours –  taking minutes, typing up minutes and circulating them to the committee.

If you are still encountering problems or are unclear on what you need to do, please come to see Anisha (Mon-Thurs) in the Student Hub in the Students Union.

I’m still lost and nothing seems to be helping! What can I do?
Pop into the Students Hub in the Students Union Monday-Thursday to book in a training session with Anisha, or alternatively you can email the community team on