EDC Role description


Responsible to:

Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer 

Supported by:

Students’ Union Welbeing Officer, the National Union of Students and Advice and Representation staff

Duties and Responsibilities:

You will be the main point of contact within your department for students to raise concerns or provide feedback on issues of race or gender equality, diversity and accessibility, providing a signposting facility to appropriate support services where necessary.

As such you will need to commit to:

  1. Undertake training appropriate to the role, provided by the SU
  2. Positively promote race, gender equality, diversity and accessibility issues within your department, especially promoting BAME, HeforShe and LGBT activities, events, support services and networks.
  3. Communicate any issues raised by, or feedback provided by, students in your department to the Department Equality Officer, the SSC chair/secretary and/or the Students’ Union Wellbeing Officer as appropriate and to work proactively to resolve such issues.
  4. Attend twice-termly EDC meetings where you will
    1. Raise any race or gender equality, diversity and accessibility issues which have been raised with you by students
    2. Discuss steps to be undertaken to actively reduce potential inequality issues within courses or department.
    3. Follow up any previously raised issues to ensure that agreed solutions are implemented
  5. Participate in welcome week and other appropriate University and SU organised events
  6. Engage with Academic Reps and SU Representative Committees (Liberation, Wellbeing, etc.) to raise awareness of race or gender equality issues, diversity and accessibility.

Time commitment minimum 1-2 hours per week on average

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