Get involved

Union council elections top

Do you want to vote on key decisions, represent your fellow students or even spearhead your own campaigns to make your Union a better place?

There are lots of positions you can stand for: just choose the one that appeals to you most. The only qualifications you need are to be studying at the University of Leicester, enthusiasm and commitment.

We'll help you with all the things you might be a bit unsure of, like campaigning and how to write a manifesto.

If you want to find out more get in touch with your Activities Officer, Carrie Young.

Being on Council can be an enriching experience

With frequent opportunities to debate all kinds of issues, Union Council can help you

  • improve your communication
  • boost your confidence
  • practise public speaking or
  • simply listen to new ideas.

As well as helping to improve students' lives and developing skills that employers love, Union Council will also provide you with valuable experience.

Many Union Council members have gone onto great things, including being national NUS president. Where could it take you?

You will also get the opportunity to earn recognition and rewards thanks to our new accreditation scheme!

Make friends and influence people

Of course, you’re bound to make great friends on your course or through your accommodation, but we all like having more mates, right?

Being involved in Council means you get to mix with people studying different things that you might not get to meet otherwise. Not only that, your opinions and decisions can genuinely shape the university experience for you and future students.

It’s open to everyone

Not on campus much? Year abroad?  Distance learner?  That doesn’t mean you’re excluded.

Union Council is fully interactive. It's streamed live so you don't need to miss a thing. You can ask questions on Twitter (@ULSUCouncil), give speeches live via video call and even vote from the other side of the world.