I'm Vin, also known as V-Dawg, Vinnie Jones, Vizzle Kicks and dozens and dozens more. I'm a furry, four-legged, certified big name on campus. I'm currently here at the University of Leicester doing my Postgraduate Pedigree, working on my thesis 'a detailed examination into the technology behind squeaky objects'. After graduation, I was planning on joining the Guide Dogs, but unfortunately, my timid nature means I can become unnerved by loud noises and distracted by movements - so I've had to withdraw.

The good news is I'm sticking around to become a therapy dog in the ED Unit - offering comfort and support to students during the academic year. You will find me in the Percy Gee doing my thing, napping under meeting tables and posing for the camera with all my fans. If you're into the social media stuff like me, be sure to check me out using the hashtag #UnionPup on Insta and Twitter. Peace out, for now.

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