Wellbeing and Diversity Zone

Wellbeing and diversity zoneWhat is the Wellbeing and Diversity Zone?

Mollie Henstock, our Wellbeing Officer, attends this zone which includes discussions around student welfare, support services and liberation campaigns.  Also attended by our part-time liberation officers, this zone will talk about support for physical and mental wellbeing and the representation of our diverse student population.

What achievements have been made by this Zone?

Some very important changes have been made through the Wellbeing and Diversity Zone. Last year in this zone they managed to secure more water fountains around campus, the introduction of Equality and Diversity Reps and held a National Autism Awareness Week in conjuction with the Autistic Spectrum Society.

How many roles are available for this Zone?

Due to a change in the zone make-up there will be 1 position available for this zone.

Can I Vote?

Sorry, our elections for this zone have just finished.

Don't worry, there's  plenty of other ways to have your say though.

Why not pop along to a Union Council meeting to have your opinions heard by our democratic body? Got an idea for something you'd like to see, why not submit a Change It or Explain It?