"Why do I have to buy a wristband for events? Why can't I just buy a ticket for one event?"

The aim of wristband offers is to deliver the best value for money as possible, to as many students as possible. Having a wristband mechanism also enables our promoter to add further value, for example with deals at Nandos, or early entry to the Highcross Student Takeover. While this means that sometimes you can't buy tickets in advance, there will always be some pay on the door availability for students who just want to go to one event.

"Why has the Union stopped selling San Miguel lager?"

During the academic year 2013/14, sales of San Miguel were overall disappointing and the beer didn’t seem as popular with our students. Unused product led to high wastage. Our figures showed that the Union sold twice as much Carlsberg as San Miguel. As part of the University's policy on minimising waste we decided that the Union would no longer sell San Miguel.