"Why haven't we got a cash machine at the Halls of Residence in Oadby?"

With no ATM in Halls, the only option for most students needing immediate cash was a 15 to 20-minute walk to the nearest machine. We opened a dialogue with Accommodation Services way back in 2010 - and it took lots of persistence to get a result. Then Rebecca Hawes launched a petition and got over 300 signatures within just a few weeks. We presented it to the University  and eventually a cash machine was installed in John Foster hall in September 2014.


"Can we have a printing station in the Union so that people can quickly log on to their uni account and print out documents they need?"

Sounds like a good idea. Former President Michael Rubin took the idea to the University and they've agreed to move a printer from the library to the Percy Gee building.

"Student parents often need to bring their children onto campus. They should have the proper facilities to do so"

We agree! With the help of our Women's Officer, we made sure there are baby changing facilities in the Percy Gee building in 2014.

"Why are suspended students not full members of the Union?"

The Union constitution was a bit vague about the role of suspended students. The Scrutiny panel reviewed the wording and are working on introducing a process that allows students who suspend their studies for personal or health reasons to retain full membership rights.