Volunteering & Further involvement

Further involvement

  • Attend Skill Development training sessions and workshops.
  • You could nominate yourself and become a Departmental Rep or, why not a College rep.
  • You can be elected for Union Council
  • Get involved in the numerous Voluntary schemes available at Students’ Union
  • Train to be part of the Peer Mentoring Scheme.
  • Register with Leicester Award
  • And/or HEAR
  • Get involved in Education campaigns
  • Volunteer with the Education zone
  • Twice a year you can attend lunches with the President and Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience).
  • Attend bi-annual forum, where all students are invited at a discussion with University senior staff.

Further Opportunities: 

  • School/ Departmental Reps bridge the gap between Course Reps and College Reps, which sit on the College Academic Committee (CAC). School/Departmental Reps have already been elected as Course Reps. They collect and collate the information from their department level SSC to take to the College level any issues that could not be dealt with at a Departmental level meeting. Elections to become a School/ Departmental Rep take place prior or at the first SSC of the year, please contact coursereps@le.ac.uk or the organiser of the SSC to find out more about this position.  For more details
  • College Representatives represent the interests and opinions of their entire College to the University and the Union on senior level committees. They work closely with the Course Reps and Departmental Reps to make sure that the student voice is heard at the highest level. They also provide a key link between the Course Reps and President and Education Officer. There is one undergraduate and one postgraduate College Rep for each College. Further details.
  • Union Council is our version of Parliament, however, one without MP’s and not passing laws. Instead students are being elected make decisions and vote on policies that can affect both the student body and SU. Further details.
Events and Sessions for Reps