Booking and Request Forms


SU bookings forms:

To book any of our rooms and spaces, please see the table below to identify the relevant form/s and select this from the left hand side menu bar on this page.

Please download and read carefully through the Terms and Conditions before making a booking.



Minimum notice required:

Room bookings

One off room bookings within the SU (to include basic tech equipment).

2 weeks

Table bookings

Table bookings within the SU.

2 weeks

Tech form

For events that require a higher level of audio production. These are usually larger scale events within the 02, Queen’s Hall and Scholar (see the form for further details). NB: You will need to complete the ‘Room bookings’ form as well as this form.

4 weeks

External campus spaces

For events held on the campus outside of buildings e.g. in front of the library.

4 weeks

Repeat bookings

For repeat bookings required within the SU.

As requested (See form for further details)


How to book a room/space with us:

  1. Read through the ‘SU Bookings Terms and Conditions of hire' – you will need to comply with this process to hire a room/table with us.
  2. Student groups must complete and submit the relevant paperwork (event notification, updated master risk assessment, external visitor form, food notification etc) to . See here for further details. You’re room cannot be approved without these relevant forms.
  3. Complete and submit the relevant electronic SU bookings forms before the minimum notice period (forms are on the left ahnd side menu of this page). This form provides the contract of agreement to the terms and conditions of hire (see above).   
  4. Await confirmation from, your room/space is not confirmed until you have received this.