Repeat Bookings (SU) form

All affiliated student groups can make repeat room bookings for their activities throughout term times.

The repeat booking procedure will occur 3 times in each academic year. These will be at the end of each term to identify requests for the next term. See the ‘Current request period’ section below.

Please be aware rooms can only be booked during their relevant opening hours.

SU Term Time opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 10pm         

Saturday - 10am - 4pm            

Sunday – Closed


Room availability:

We aim to accommodate at least one repeat booking per student group within the SU. We have around 210 student groups.

As part of our continuing commitment to improving engagement for first year students, we would like all student groups to try and request at least one repeat booking request to be in Oadby. Further to this, where we are unable to accommodate your activity in the SU, we will be checking availability with Oadby.

The two documents below provide an overview of all the rooms available to book, please review these before making your repeat room bookings requests so that your choice reflects the needs of your booking.  

The Academy Spaces are those highlighted in yellow (Academy 1, 2 and The Scholar).

Current request period: Term 3

Please submit your 2017/18 term 1 bulk bookings before 9am on Monday the 4th of September 2017.

Any submissions received after the above deadline will not be treated with priority and will most likely not be accommodated in their preferred space and time if at all.

Be aware that term 1 bulk request period starts after fresher’s week, the available request period is as follows: 2nd  of October 2017 – 15th  of December 2017 , so bookings past or prior to this period will not be accepted.


Please bear in mind there is an 8 hour per week limit per society for bulk bookings at the SU this term (this does not include Oadby bookings). This is to help reduce the regular space wastage that is occurring within the SU, often bulk bookings are made that are significantly longer than the rooms actual usage. These 8 hours can be spread throughout the week to suit your society e.g. 4 x 2 hour sessions or 1 x 8 hour booking. Any bulk booking that is received that pushes your society’s space usage over that limit will be asked for re submission to coincide with the above regulation.

With this in mind please be considerate when making bulk requests, try and be efficient with your use of this service and only book for the time you need. For example weekly committee meetings may not need a bookable space, you could use the social spaces like the common room, square or hub.

If your society does require more than 8 regular hours a week at the SU the SU Bookings team will be happy to discuss this with you further. Or alternatively accommodate your extra time at Oadby.

How to make a repeat room booking request:

  1. Read through the ‘SU Bookings Terms and Conditions of hire' – you will need to comply with this process to hire a room/table with us.
  2. Ensure all info is updated including your Master Risk Assessment. Email to double check.
  3. Complete and submit the 'Repeat Bookings (SU) form' , completing one form per regular request your group requires. This form needs to be completed and submitted by 23:00 on Sunday 4th of December 2016. This form also outlines the terms and conditions of room hire which you will need to comply with.  
  4. Await confirmation from , your room/space is not confirmed until you have received thi