Therapy Dog Sessions

Every week, during term time, you have the opportunity to attend 15 minute petting sessions with Union Pup Vinnie – our therapy dog – in order to help you relax, alleviate stress, and reduce anxiety.

Studies have shown that the companionship of a dog can offer comfort, help ease anxietyand build self-confidence for people anxious about going out into the world.

It can provide sensory stress relief since touch and movement are two healthy ways to quickly manage stress. Stroking a dog lowers blood pressure and can help you quickly feel calmer and less stressed. It can also elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.

The sessions take place in the Education Unit every Tuesday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. Slots last for 15 minutes, and we have up to 3 students in each one.  We won't ever book you in with somebody you don't know, so if two or three of you want to come along that's fine, but if not you can come alone.

The sessions work on a first come, first served basis, so if you'd like to come along and join in, you can pick up your ticket beforehand for an allocated slot; ideally an hour or more before the drop-in starts. To collect your ticket, and to come to one of our sessions, visit us in the Education Unit office, which on the Upper Ground Floor of the Students' Union (Percy Gee Building).  We're open 10am 'til 4pm, Monday to Friday, or for more information you can contact us on or 0116 223 1132.

Slots are at the following times, term-time only:

Tuesdays: 1:30, 1:45, 2:00, 2:30, 2:45