Learning how to use and write about the work of others helps you develop your academic skills. But sometimes it's hard to know how to quote the work of other people. The University takes all types of academic dishonesty very seriously and there may be severe penalties for plagiarism. No-one wants to find out that they've unwittingly fallen foul of the rules surrounding plagiarism, so make sure you're familiar with the guidelines.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking credit for work which is not your own
- James
Not explaining where information has come from
- Holly
Taking credit for the work of a fellow student
- Jack
Plagiarism is a general term to describe taking and using another person’s ideas and
writings as your own. Plagiarism can take place not only in essays and dissertations, but
also in scientific experimentation, diagrams, maps, fieldwork, computer programmes, data
and all other forms of study where you're expected to work independently and produce
original material.

Some examples of plagiarism

► copying from sources (eg. from books, journals, Internet) without proper acknowledgement
► using others’ ideas without acknowledging the source/s
► paraphrasing an original source too closely
► submitting work for an assessment that hasn't been written by you
► buying essays from the Internet

It's your responsibility to use references and acknowledge sources correctly

Where to find out more

► Make sure you know what your Department Handbook says about plagiarism
► Ask teaching staff for help and guidance if you're unsure about referencing
► Keep track of what sources you use as you plan and prepare assignments
► Look at the information and help available in the Student Learning Centre
► Work through the online subject specific tutorials
► Read the University's regulations


If you've been accused of plagiarism and are unsure what to do contact, the Ed unit and we can talk you through your options

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