Changing Course

Please be aware that the deadline for changing course this academic year is Friday 7th October 2016.  If you want to change course next academic year, you can apply to do so at any point during the year.

In order to change course you will need to confirm that this is okay, with both your current department, and the department you want to move to.  If both departments approve, you will need to complete a course transfer form, which should be signed by a representative from both departments.  For a copy of the form, and further information, please visit here.

Note that students studying Major/Minor courses will need to complete a different form.  More information can be found here.

If you would like guidance on changing course, feel free to get in touch with us here in the Education Unit.  We have a team of friendly advisors who are happy to help.  You can drop-in to our office which is on the Upper Ground Floor of the Students' Union (Percy Gee Building), or you can contact us at one of the following:

Phone - 0116 223 1132

Email -

Facebook -

Skype - ed_ucation1

We also have a Step by Step Guide to Changing Course which you may find useful.  Find it here.