Become a Minibus Driver

Become a Students' Union Minibus Driver

Driver requirements - Legal requirements and criteria to become a Union minibus driver and how to become one

Minibus Driver's Pack - Provides the overview information required to drive vehicles on behalf of the Students' Union. As a driver you need to be familiar with this information before your first time driving with us. The information is also included within your driving pack when you hire a vehicle.

Road Signs - Refresh your memory of road signs in the Highway Code prior to sitting an assessment with us.

If you're interested in booking an assessment please contact Ian Rhodes (Transport Co-ordinator) on or 0116 373 6245.

Log Sheets

Log sheets help us ensure the vehicle is fit for purpose and tell you what to do in the event of an incident.
We require our drivers to complete the checks before departure to ensure you and your group will be safe.

Please find below an example of our log sheets for both the Union minibus and external vehicles.

Union Minibus Log Sheet Example

External Vehicle Log Sheet Example