With over 200 student groups, there is already a lot to get involved with but our list is far from exhaustive. If you have an idea for a brand new student group, we want to hear about it! However, before filling in any applications, make sure to answer everything in the checklist below!

  1. How is your society different from our other existing Student Groups?
  2. Which Student Group Category will yours fit in with? 
  3. Have you spoken to other students to see if they are interested in your idea? Will you have enough people to form a committee?
  4. Do you need any special equipment? 
  5. How will you finance your society?
  6. Do you have the time to promote and organise your society?

Application process:

  • To apply to become a new Student Group - please complete the 'Show of Interest Form'. 

  • To apply to become a new Team Leicester group - please email teamleicester@le.ac.uk and detail your proposal.

New Student Group Elections:

New student groups will not have to go through the election process this year.

The committee will remain the same this year and elections will take place in 2018.