When editing your student group's union webpage the first and main tab you will manage is the "Setup" tab. Here you can edit your webpage's content, categorisation and more.

Member Settings

In the section titled "Member Settings" (see picture below) you can edit the requirements for members as well as functional aspects of your webpage.

"CMS content defaults to draft"

This means any changes you make to the content of your webpage will first be saved as a draft and will not be published online until you have saved and approved the changes. If unticked, all changes will occur immediately once saved.

"Articles defaults to draft"

If ticked, this has the same effect as "CMS content defaults to draft" but for articles.

"Check this to create bespoke sub site"

This should remain unticked

"Max subscription years"

We suggest you leave this box empty otherwise after the duration of the value you insert, your members' memberships will expire.
E.g. If you enter a value of "1", your members' memberships will automatically expire after one year.
This therefore will prevent you from offering lifetime memberships and can lead to accidental premature deactivation of memberships.

"Group membership expiry date"

We suggest you leave this box empty otherwise at the date you insert, your members' memberships will expire after the selected "Max subscription years" value.