Leicester Talks

Here in the Students’ Union, and across the University and Community, there are plenty of services available for you to talk to if you need support.  Whether you’re looking for academic advice, someone to chat to about your wellbeing, welfare guidance or a specific support group, there’s something for everyone. 

We want you to feel comfortable and able to speak up about your problems before they get worse, so we’ve put together a list of where you can go for help.  Just click on the links in the sidebar for information on Union, University and Community support available. 

Need immediate help? There is always somewhere where you can get support if you need it. If you are in urgent need of help, you can see lists of Around-the-Clock Services and an overview of the Urgent Support Providers available.

If you need to report an incident, please refer to our page here where you can find out more details on reporting with the SU​.

If you can’t find the service for you, email leicstalk@le.ac.uk and we’ll point you in the right direction.  We have a team of friendly, helpful staff waiting to hear from you, so don’t be a stranger.  Let’s talk – we’re here to help!

You can also find a list of issues that you may need help with, and the corresponding services that you can access regarding these, here.  

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