Course concerns

Your Personal Tutor

Your Personal Tutor is always your first point of contact for anything to do with your studies.  It’s really important that you meet regularly to discuss how you’re getting on. And it’s vital that you tell your Personal Tutor about anything that's going on in your personal life that might affect your academic progress. Personal Tutors don't have magic wands, but they'll do all they can to help you succeed.

As well as being your academic and personal adviser, your Personal Tutor is there to direct you to services across the university that will support you. So if you think you might have chosen the wrong course, or it's not quite what you expected, or you're having second thoughts about the whole Uni thing, talk to your Personal Tutor first.

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“I want to change my course”

If you feel you’ve made the wrong choice of course, try not to worry. You’re not alone. There are plenty of people around to help and guide you.  If you’re unhappy, try to work out why. This will help you to decide what to do.

Have you changed your mind about your future career?  Have you gone off your subject? Or are you unhappy about something else?

It’s important to consider all your options, and the practical implications before making a decision. Don't just stop going to lectures as this can make the situation worse.

Finally, act as soon as possible. You have two weeks from the start of term to decide if what you’re doing is right for you. Talk to your Personal Tutor about your concerns.

If you ultimately decide to change your course, you will need to fill in the form below, get it signed and return it to your personal tutor. Paper copies are available from your department

Change of Degree form

"I want to change a module" 

Changing one of your optional modules is perhaps a more straightforward decision, although you should still think carefully about why you want to change.

You have two weeks at the start of each semester in which to change your modules if you need to, using the form below. Don't forget you'll need two signatures.

Change of Module form