Kennedy Adamu, Sports

Sports Officer

I’m a Londoner who has grown up with sport. Watching, learning and competing from a young age. Coming to university, I always knew that this was one thing I was going to get involved with. And I haven’t been disappointed since.

Although Team Leicester is brilliant, there is still room for improvement. In my view, we need to do the simple things better, whilst looking to optimise the development of each club. Team Leicester has the numbers, the talent and the enthusiasm but I don’t believe that is enough.

My main goals are to improve the communication between clubs and the university, allowing our needs to be heard and have logistical problems resolved quickly. I want Team Leicester to mean as much to the rest of the university as it does to our athletes. This will include utilising social media to ensure we have a strong presence on campus and across the country.

I also want sport to be more accessible and inclusive for everyone at any level. If students are averse to joining a club or do not want a gym membership, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying sport. I look to create several opportunities through promoting more free sessions and working closer with clubs to improve intramural sport.

Sport is for everyone. If you do want to be part of Team Leicester, I want you to feel appreciated and as if you are part of the largest society on campus, rather than just a group of individual clubs.

We live in such a great sporting city and so many Team Leicester clubs have achieved great things in the past year. All I want to do is improve on this success with the guidance of each club and their members.

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