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Students’ Unions are one of the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They're run by students who are elected by students - and everyone can have their say.

Here at Leicester, our democratic structure is now called Union Council.

What is Union Council?

It's our version of Parliament. We don't have MPs and we don't make laws. But we do elect students who make decisions and vote on policy that affects us all.

Who decides which proposals can be debated at Council?

Council has four zones that focus on specific topics. To find out more about a Zone just click on it's logo below:

Community zone  Education zone  Sports   activities  Wellbeing   diversity zone

Each zone has 17 students who consider and debate ideas that you suggest. If your idea could change things for the better, it's put forward to a Council meeting for further discussion and put to the vote.

Council structure

Who can go to Council?

If you're studying at the University of Leicester, you have a right to attend Council meetings. Only elected representatives can vote, but anyone can join in, share their views and help write formal proposals.

How often does Council meet?

There are five Union Council meetings each academic year. Ideas and proposals are discussed in zone meetings which take place in between Council meetings.

You can keep up with all the meetings by visiting our Union Council calendar.

How can I submit my ideas?

It couldn't be easier. Just send your ideas or suggestions online and ask us to Change It or Explain It!

If you want to find out more about how Union Council works, check out our guide.

Who can run for Union Council?

Simply, any student! No matter whether you're on a year abroad or a year in industry; whether you're a part-time student or a distance learner; whether you live on or off campus, you can take part. Union Council is fully interactive. It's streamed live so you don't need to miss a thing. You can ask questions on Twitter (#ULSUP), give speeches live via video call and even vote from the other side of the world.


If you're interested then why not come along to our next Union Council meeting. You can find out all the details about this here.

Any questions?

If you have any questions either about Union Council please get in touch with either Carrie Young or Ian Bruce.