Public Speaking

This hands on workshop has activities designed to help you control your nerves and speak confidently in front of others. This workshop is taught by an experienced teacher with experience of presenting to small and large groups of people.

This session is supported by a podcast that explores the idea of public speaking with a comedy duo, both of whom have to fight those nerves on a daily basis. Furthermore, if you are attending this session due to the fact that you have to deliver a presentation in your course or for an interview we also facilitate a presentation skills session that will help you with the visual impact of the presentation.

Public Speaking Podcast 

Type of Session: workshop. 

The objectives of the session are:

  • To build confidence when speaking in public.
  • To build knowledge on breathing techniques to help nerves.
  • To understand and practice speech techniques.

Things to think about before the session:

  1. What have been told to do before to help reduce nerves?
  2. Have those techniques worked? Why do you think that is?

What to bring

Wear something that you’d be happy in whilst speaking in front of the other members of the group. The training materials will be emailed out to you after the course.

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