Presentation Skills

The workshop will discuss a number of presentation software applications which can be used to create visual aids, as well as giving some tips on creating an engaging and well-structured presentation. We will also discuss ways in which you can design visual resources which are both attractive and accessible.

As well as opportunities to ask advice from the workshop tutor during the session, you can also book a practice appointment to follow-up the workshop. This is an opportunity to deliver a presentation to a small audience in order to gain feedback on your presentation skills.

This session is supported by a podcast that explores the idea of public speaking with a comedy duo, both of whom have to fight those nerves on a daily basis. Furthermore, this compliments a public speaking workshop that focuses more on overcoming those nerves and apprehensions that come with the prospect of delivering a presentation.  

Public Speaking Podcast 

Type of Session: This is a mixture of both lecture style and discussion.

The objectives of the session are:

  • Introduce alternatives to PowerPoint
  • Prepare future presentations with logical and engaging structures.
  • Create handouts, resources and visual aids that are both visually appealing and accessible

Things to think about before the session:

  1. Are you having issues with a presentation you are planning to create?
  2. Would you like some guidance on creating a presentation that strays from the norm?
  3. Do you find presentations boring? Why?

What to bring

The training materials will be emailed out to you after the course, however you may find it useful to bring a pen and paper.

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