Meet your Officers

Every year, a team of students are elected by you to work as your representatives. There are five, full-time officers who look after specific areas in the Union.

These roles are paid and the students who are elected each year will either be mid-course and taking a year out from their studies, or a recent graduate.

As well as your five, full-time officers, there are eight part-time representatives. Once elected by you, these students take up their part-time role alongside their studies.

Here you can find out a bit more about the current team members, get in touch with them and find out more about their latest projects.

Amy Moran - President

I’m Amy, your President. I oversee everything that goes on in the SU and University on behalf of students, and am here to help you with any issue – from accommodation concerns to the price of food on campus, to SU work and volunteering opportunities.

I go to lots of University meetings and voice student opinion at every opportunity on issues like accommodation and seating on campus.

This year I’ll be working hard to reduce costs and find more student space, as well as trying to meet as many of you as possible! Contact me at!

Carrie Young - Activities Officer

I’m Carrie, your Activities Officer. I help and support all of your societies from the Football Club to the Quidditch Team, and the Chicken Nugget Appreciation Society.

I also oversee sustainability and the democracy of the Students’ Union. If you want to make a change to your University experience, from more water fountains on campus to opposing tuition fee increases - submit a Change It or Explain It online or volunteer for Union Council.

I’ll be floating around the university so if you see me, come and say hello! Alternatively, you can contact me on

Azza Abdulla - Education Officer

I’m Azza, your Education Officer. My role is to enhance your academic experience at University. I'm here to represent you on all of your academic issues so if you ever feel that something needs changing or there's room for improvement on anything from course content to timetabling, let me know so I can bring it to the attention of the University.

I'm here to promote proactive participation, address student needs and with your help - create positive change! I’ll be working on various campaigns to cut cost, celebrate diversity and tackle the BAME attainment gap.

My door will be open if you have any questions or concerns – you are always welcome. Contact me at

Kennedy Adamu - Sports Officer

I’m Kennedy, your Sports Officer. I help and support all sports societies, including Team Leicester. One of my main roles is to improve the communication between clubs and the University, allowing our needs to be heard. I want Team Leicester to mean as much to the rest of the University as it does to our athletes.

I ensure sport is accessible and inclusive for everyone at any level and create opportunities to engage all students in club and intramural sport. We live in such a great sporting city and so many Team Leicester clubs have achieved great things in the past year and

I’m going to work hard with you to ensure that this year is even better. Get in touch with your ideas or concerns at

Mollie Henstock - Wellbeing Officer

I’m Mollie, your Wellbeing Officer. I represent your views on wellbeing issues while at University from physical disability to maintaining your mental health.

I help run campaigns and support student groups who run wellbeing events and activities including Nightline and Sexpression.

If you have a wellbeing related issue, please get in touch with me at or contact our signposting service #LEICSTALK with any issue by emailing