Event Planning

This is the next step from the training provided for all student groups. We look at the three essential steps to planning a successful event; planning, promoting and delivery. The overall aim is that you leave with a better idea of how you will go on to deliver a successful event whether it’s a small gathering or one that has to reach a mass audience.  

Type of Session: Workshop

The objectives of the session are:

  • Identify advice for planning, promoting and running student group events.
  • Develop and share ideas for making events more successful.
  • Construct a detailed plan for a collaborative event.

Things to think about before the session:

  1. What event are you planning to put on?
  2. Have you considered what this event needs to look like to be considered a success?

What to bring

The basic idea of an event you or your group plan to deliver. You may be struggling for ideas and want some inspiration, that is fine.

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