PT Officer Elections

So. You're here. Which means you've probably worked out there's some pretty important elections going on. Well done - that's a pretty good first step! We thought you might have a few questions about the whole election thing. This section should give you all the information you need
(and if it's not here - email your Activities Officer.)

What is an Part Time Officer?

Part Time Officers are seen as crucial to the future development of the Union there key responsibility is to to ensure that the group they represent receives the support and services they require. They seek to improve the overall experience students have whilst at the University of Leicester. The roles been elected are:-

  • International Representative
  • Mature and Part Time Students’ Representative
  • Women’s Representative
  • BAME Representative
  • LGBT+ Representative
  • Disabled Students’ Representative

For more details of what each of the role entails click here Please note that we also have a Postgraduate Officer who will be elected at the beginining of the next academic year and a Distance Learning Officer who was recently elected.

Can I Vote?

Voting is open from 8.00am on Wednsday 21st March to 4.00pm on Friday 23rd March, you will recieve two Fast Track emails during the voting period one on the first day of voting and another on the second, this will contain a link that will take you directly to the voting page where you will be able to access the ballot paper for the positions you are eligable to vote for. In these elections only those students who are within or/and self identify within the relevant groups are able to vote for the relevant positions. For the International and Mature ad Part Time Students' Officer positions we have set up a group and automatically assinged students this, as the students been eligable to vote. For all other positions you need to self identify by joining the relvant group by clicking on the links below:-

If in the menaitme  you have any queries regarding how the election works , the roles then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the election team by emailing: Ian Bruce or getting in touch with our Activities Officer  Carrie Young

Referendum on Higher Education Funding

There is a referendum been held at the same time as the election, this is open to all students across the University. The question been asked is:-

Should the Students’ Union adopt a stance either against or in favour of free education?

  • I support the Union adopting a stance in favour of free education
  • I support the Union adopting a stance against free education
  • Abstain

Course Rep Elections

We are currently recruiting Course Representatives for the academic year 2018-2019


Only students who will be graduating in 2019 and onwards are eligible to vote within this section.


We received nominations for a wide range of programmes, however, there are programmes for which we have not received nominations. If you cannot see the Course rep election for your year and programme when you click on the fast-track link  please let us know, it is possible that we had no running candidates, otherwise, you should be able cast your vote for your those you would like to represent you. If you have any queries or experience any problems with voting your course rep please email