Azza Abdulla, Education

Education Officer

Hiya, Azza here, My role is to help enhance your academic experience at the University of Leicester. I was an international student from Qatar and I studied Management Studies (Marketing).

I am here to ensure your views are heard and pressure the University into making the right decisions by students!

My focus for this year is to tackle student issues such as lobbying for non-generalised exam feedback, decreasing the BAME attainment gap and improving employability. I’ll be working on various campaigns to cut costs, celebrate diversity, and make student initiatives a reality.

One of these campaigns is LiberatED, which advocates for a diversified representive curriculum, and through that asking academics to think criticly about their course content and reading lists.

Another campaign is Moving On Up, where we encourage students to push for their aspirations and get applying to jobs. I want to make sure that our SU is an inclusive and empowering space to be in! There will be lots of projects along the way so keep a look out..

I'm here to represent you so if you ever feel that something needs changing or there's room for improvement on anything from course content to timetabling, let me know so I can bring it to the attention of the University.

I'm here to promote proactive participation, address student needs and with your help - create positive change!

My door will be open if you have any ideas, questions or concerns - you are always welcome!