Carrie Young, Activities

Activities Officer

My role focuses on all the things you do in your spare time, whether you are part of a charity, environment, subject or any other student group I support everyone. My passion is for volunteering and charity societies, I want it to be easier for everyone to volunteer and also to have more collaborative events between societies. Just know the kettle is always on and my door is always open for a chat!

This year, I am hoping to not only make the volunteering opportunities clearer, by having them all available on one platform, but also introduce more flexible online volunteering. As well as offering the same level of support to every society no matter the size and facilitating a large showcase and fundraiser where societies work together and can showcase their talents.

The reason students come to university in the first place is for the course they are studying, I am hoping to incorporate more in degree outreach opportunities for those all-important experiences to develop their CV’s in more relevant fields.  

As well as starting reward schemes for charities and encouraging sustainability by having scrap paper boxes in the library and setting up an allotment with the hopes of having a mini market stall in the future.