Laws of The Game - Consent Workshop



On Tuesday 8th December 2015 Sally French and Allison Cunningham, both specialist lawyers in sexual offences, the former of which has worked for the Crown Prosecution Service for 25 years, delivered a consent workshop to representatives of each of the sports clubs within the Team Leicester umbrella. 

The aims of the workshop were:

·         To provide a safe, informal and informative environment to facilitate open and honest discussions

·         To explain what the offence of rape actually entails

·         To explain what consent really means and how to ensure that you have it

·         To challenge ‘lad culture’ attitudes that minimise and blame women for rape

·         To educate about offences involving young people

·         To educate about offences involving indecent images of young people  and ‘revenge porn’

·         To highlight the consequences of  ‘getting it wrong’


It was both informative and interactive with nearly 100 students in attendance, and proved to be a resounding success. A presentation will be made available to the members who could not attend. The workshop was phase 2 of the #BeTheInfluence campaign, following on from the launch of the Team Leicester Code of Conduct. We as an executive are looking forward to tackling LGBT+ inclusion in sport next term.