HEAR and Volunteering

HEAR - Higher Education Achievement Report

The HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) is a way for you to display all the extra-curricular activities you have done whilst at University. It lists your grades as well as any extra things you have done whilst at University. Think of it like your university CV that holds information from grades on modules to all the extra bits that you have done at university - provided that you have followed the processes to get recognised for those opportunities. 


Employers can ask to see your HEAR and it would give them an idea of what else, other than your degree, you did whilst you were at University.

Follow the simple steps to get your hours recognised on your degree script. Simply Register as a Volunteer, Apply for your Opportunity and Record your hours. If you are stuggling with this process please click here to be directed to some helpful information. 


Opportunities offered through the Students Union will open in September and can be found here:


Don’t miss out on getting the recognition that you deserve for all your hard work! If you have been a committee member or have signed up to any of our volunteering opporunities please use the Union website to log your hours. If you are volunteering with the Careers or externally please make sure you log your hours with the Careers Service. If you have any further questions please have a look at our FAQ section