Committee Introduction Period (CIP)

The Committee Introduction Period (CIP) is an important part of the handover process, allowing for a shadowing period where your incoming committee work with the current committee and learn all they need to know to take the reigns in June and to hit the ground running in September. Please note that the current committee is officially in place until term ends on 23rd June: please work with the new committee on all documents that need to be submitted as this is a great opportunity to pass your knowledge onto the incoming group.

The following outlines all of the information you'll need to complete and provide during the handover process, both for your new committee members and the Union Activities office.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!


The election period will run from Monday 27th February - Monday 13th March 2017.

To request to run an election online, please complete and submit the online election request form, allowing at least a weeks notice to allow the Union Activities department to process and set up the election..

Please throughly read the Student Group Election Guide 2017 for full information on both online and offline elections, as well more information on the Committee Introduction Period (CIP).


The two week election period, 27th February to 13th March 2017, is the time for your society to elect committee members for next academic year and pass over all the relevant information so that they are prepared and ready to take over. To successfully hand over, there are a number of documents that need completing.

Documents to send to Union Activities by Monday 20th March to confirm SAS accreditation:

Final SAS Report

Handover Checklist – An outline of the handover process and the documents you need to provide to the Union Activities office.


Documents to send to by midday Monday 27th March 2017:

  1. CIP Plan

  2. Committee details 2017 - 2018

  3. Committee Positions & Job Description Template


Documents to send to by midday Monday 29th May 2017:

  1. Student Group Registration Form (Please email a scanned copy over including signatures)

  2. Budget (N/A for Team Leicester)

  3. Master Risk Assessment or Master Risk Assessment (Team Leicester). For assistance completing the risk assessment, please consult the tutorial video or complete the optional online Risk Assessment training.

  4. Student Group Constitution, Code of Conduct and Policies

  5. Welcome Programme Application 2017/2018 (please note only applicable if you would like a stall)

  6. Inventory of Equipment (All groups must submit, even if it's just to confirm no equipment is held. Also include any equipment held off site)

  7. Team Leicester Development Plan (Team Leicester groups only)

  8. Team Leicester Code of Conduct (Team Leicester groups only - please note the disciplinary measures and procedures are currently under review and any changes will be circulated)

CIP Document Workshops

Need support completing your risk assessment? Unsure how to fill in the budget? Come along to one of our optional workshops, where we will take you through the documents in a computer lab and support you in the completion of them.

If you would like to attend, please book onto one of the following sessions:

Tuesday 9th May, 11am - Midday [Attenborough Seminar Block Second Floor CL 219]
Wednesday 17th May, Midday - 1pm [Attenborough Seminar Block Second Floor CL 219]
Thursday 26th May, 11am - Midday [Attenborough Seminar Block Second Floor CL 219]

The Workshop Booking Form can be found here. Places per session are limited. If you are unable to attend at any of these times but would like to arrange a meeting to go over any of the documents, please email Lyndsey on,


The only document required from sub-committees is the Sub Committee Details Form. For full information on the differences between sub-committees and full committees, see the Sub-Committee Guidelines.


Committee Training

Committee Training will be live by May 2017 and needs to be completed by the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the new committee by 18th September 2017.


Documents to send to by midday 23th October 2017:

  1. Membership Record
  2. Ratified SAS Report

The Main SAS Report should be submitted to by 11th December 2017. You can find an example report here.


These documents need to be submitted in order for the society to be affiliated with the Students’ Union.


New Student Groups formed in Semester 2 and 3 of the 16/17 academic year will submit the new documents and these will be valid for 2017/2018. The committee will remain the same for this year and elections will take place in 2018/2019.

Please make sure that the committee members listed in your application are still in the university the years 2016 and 2017.



Please keep an eye on this space as we will be updating the regulations and practice surrounding sub-committees in the near future!

Currently you will only need to submit one document as a sub-committee:

Documents to send to

Sub-committee Details 2016 - 2017



Please submit all of the forms as listed above. Please find Team Leicester Checklist and Code of Practice as below.

Teams Handover Checklist  - An outline of the handover process and the documents you need to provide to the Union Acitvities office.

Team Leicester Code of Practice  - Please ask all new committee members to familiarise and work with our Code of Practice.

Please send any relevant documents to